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Some of our Myfolksers


Who Visits?

Our Myfolksers!

Myfolks is building a community of compassionate individuals to provide the support to the users of our service.  We call them "Myfolksers".  


Many Myfolksers come to us from roles associated with caring - eg Ian drives an ambulance; Jodie is a nurse in the community; Taylor is a carer and Stacie is a carer and a swimming teacher for which they already have the appropriate Enhance DBS Clearance which is necessary for working with vulnerable adults.


Some of those who are Myfolksers haven't had such a role previously; Marion gained her experience, for example, in looking after her own mum and realised that there are many more elderly people in a similar situation.  She knows she can help.  In those circumstances, we require an Enhanced DBS check to be carried out by the police.  We use an agency to manage this on our behalf - they are Security Watchdog Limited.  


We also take up references for all our Myfolksers.  We confirm right to work in the UK and we ensure that their language skills are appropriate for the person they are visiting - communication is key in the Myfolks service.


Compassion is key to us.  Would we send this person to support our own parents? This is the last test when all the others have been satisfactorily complete.    Onlyif we can answer that positively, will a person become a Myfolkser....


All Myfolksers sign up to the Myfolks' Code of Business Principles.  That sets out the standards we expect of our Myfolksers in relation to matters such as security, handling personal data etc wjhen they are providing Myfolks' visit.  


As Myfolks grows we will be keen to expand the skills and capabilities of our Myfolksers.  


We aim to maintain continuity as far as possible, with the same Myfolkser seeing the same customers time and again.  We try to match Myfolksers to the requirements of individual users.

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