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Updated: 6 days ago

Compassion is a very key value for Myfolks.   We expect it of ourselves and when our customers play it back, I couldn't be more proud.  Last month, I shared that our lovely customer Dawn had me in tears when she said, "If there is such a thing as organisational compassion, then Myfolks has it in spades.  I am a very, very happy customer."  That means the world to us.

While visiting our customers and brightening their day is paramount, we also work on building the business and there is a lot going on! We had a lovely open day recently up in the north east; I was kindly invited to join Paul Essery's podcast out this weekend and I am on Your CRFM radio in Carlisle on Monday morning.  June is a busy month for speaking too, several events going on where I will be a guest speaker talking about all things related to Myfolks.   One thing that won't pass us by is the 80th anniversary of D-Day on 6th June; another is Carers' Week (10th to 14th June) and then it's Father's Day.  

We'd love to hear from you too.  Let us know what you're thinking and if you have any questions, drop us a line or give us a call - or 03330045922.

As we continue to work with compassion at the forefront, it is another of our values that has been my focus in recent weeks as we build the business - collaboration.  Working together with people who share our values and have an understanding of our customers is so important.  Together, we can create added value for our customers.  

We are also growing the leadership team in Myfolks and recruiting more Myfolksers to work with us.  Watch out for announcements as they come out in the coming weeks.  We are working with more partners, suppliers and customers.  

I'm writing on this on the train on the way to meet a potential partner on the south coast.   These are such exciting times for Myfolks, all I need is a bit of sun to go with it, because there is no such thing as holidays for me right now.  Sun would do!!!  I haven't yet found a partner who can promise that, but I have heard we are in for good weather next week.  Bring on the compassion, collaboration and sun cream!!  



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