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December Blog

With love to you and yours from all the Myfolks family at Christmas time, whether you celebrate it or not.It is, like most festivals, a time for families to come together and enjoy some time together, with good food and good cheer.We hope you have an amazing time.

Of course there are those who are working - including Myfolksers - we salute you!

There are also those who are remembering happier Christmases past and we send you warmth.  To those struggling due to our current economic pressures,  don't give yourself a hard time, presence is much more valuable the presents.  Find some ways to create some fun, taking advantage of free events locally or create your own. 

There may be some of you who notice, in this little period of calm that a loved one isn't doing as well as they were.  With the best will in the world, you can't be in two places at once, so if you want Myfolks to help with festive companionship, you can submit a request on the app on the first page of this site.  You might also find some of our partners helpful so head to our partners page.  

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing we wish you all the best - try to indulge without overindulgence, get plenty of sleep, add some nutrition along with the Quality Street, get out in the fresh air and chat to people if at all possible as well as watching the Christmas films (again!).

We hope you have a wonderful time.  We wish you well.



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