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March Blog

Updated: 6 days ago

A Birthday Glow Up!

Myfolks celebrated its first birth in recent days, so we've had a bit of work done, as you do around birthdays!  

We have upgraded the website after taking the opportunity to reflect on some of the things we've learned in year 1.  

Some of our highlights as we looked back were providing our service on Christmas Day, making such a difference to the day.  Another highlight was winning the people's choice award at the National Innovation Centre for Ageing.  

We have learned some other things that we didn't expect.  Our customer demographic is a little older than we expected - we have 70 year olds caring for their parents in their 90s, for example and we have been happy to make some changes to accommodate them.

Do please take a look at our new Website, still at and let us know what you think.  You access our app to book Myfolks Visits by going into the Website, where you are directed to the app.  By our second birthday, we also intend to have the app in Applestore and Playstore, as there are costs associated, but if that is important to you, do please let us know.  Thanks to our buddies, the team at Wubbleyou, for their expertise in working on it with us.

In addition, in order to be more accessible, we have added a national phone number.  We remain digital first, and we'd love you to use the app if you're able to, but it is great to add a new way to book with us too.  Our telephone number is 03330045922.  

The cost for calling is the same as calling a landline number, be it from a landline or mobile.  

Of course, whilst this upgrade has been going on, we haven't stopped providing the service.  Last week, we were delighted to accompany a lovely lady, S, to a much needed dental appointment.  It is just typical that the appointment came through on a day when her daughter had an important meeting.  We were so glad to step in and help get all of the important stuff done at the same time.

In a couple of other bits of news, we are so excited to report that Myfolks is one of only 8 participants to have been chosen to be included in the 2024 NHS Entrepreneurs Programme, in association with Anglia Ruskin University.  Until now, all programmes have been NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Programmes supporting those working in the NHS.  This is the very first NHS Patient Entrepreneurs Progamme, also open to those whose innovations were based on their experience as carers, as ours is).   We are very excited to build on the Myfolks work already done and to develop our hospital discharge solution with collaboration with the NHS very much in mind). 

We also held the first Myfolks Roadshow recently, in response to requests to meet the family behind Myfolks.  Being a digital business, we don't operate out of an office, keeping costs down, but we understand that it is important to be visible.  We were delighted to set up a "show n tell" on Myfolks and of course there was plenty of our stock in trade - tea and cake, and some fabulous cookies, home-made by Jen!!    We will be aiming to do more of this during our second year and if you'd like us to set one up near you, please let us know.  

Today, 4 March, Alex, dad to me and Myfolkser Ian, would have been 86.  It seems fitting to publish our birthday update on his actual Birthday as he was the first inspiration for Myfolks.   Onwards and upwards....!  




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