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"The Untold Stories of D-Day: Honoring the Sacrifices of Our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents"

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It would be impossible not to be moved by the sight of the veterans heading off to Normandy to pay their respects to their fallen comrades, for what may be the final time.   As we remember the D-Day Landings, hearing them talk of their fallen comrades, their friends who didn't return, is so poignant.

We were fortunate, our own Company Sergeant Major William Johnstone Thompson ("Bill") came home to his beloved wife Catherine and his son, my Dad, Alex, (with Billy and Catherine to follow).  He didn't talk much about his time away, as is so common.  Any stories he told usually ended up with him in the clink.  We are so proud that he became Company Sergeant Major in the field.  Attached is his note of thank you from Field Marshall Montgomery and also the Order of Service from the Thanksgiving for the end of the Campaign in North West Europe, from June 1945.  The inside of the Order of Service states, in Grandad's handwriting "I received this on Church Parade at Burgsteinfurt ("the Village of Hate") on 10th June 1945.  The village of hate  was silent yet very hostile to the British occupation.  

We have no idea what they really went through.  

The final pic is of my Grandad.  So sad that we don't have one of him in uniform.  I think he may be with Billy in this one.  

To everyone who served and sacrificed, you have our respect and we are grateful.

You are most welcome to share your memories with us here.

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